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QOL Medical is a specialty biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with rare diseases, for their families, and for the physicians and caregivers who support them.

QOL Medical is a patient-centric company founded in 2003 to focus on the acquisition and commercialization of orphan products in underserved markets. QOL Medical ensures an expanded clinical awareness and patient access for improved quality of life in the treatment of rare and orphan diseases. The Company currently markets two FDA-approved products: Sucraid® (sacrosidase) Oral Solution and Ethamolin® (Ethanolamine Oleate) Injection, 5%.

QOL Medical, in its commitment to assuring safe and effective products for our customers, uses validated procedures through audited and approved vendors for manufacturing, testing, and distribution. Additionally, QOL Medical has procedures for product monitoring, customer complaints, investigations into nonconformities, and change control.

CSID featured on The Balancing Act, Lifetime Television's morning show, as part of the "Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases" series. Watch Dr. William Treem (a pediatric gastroenterologist), two CSID patients, and their families discuss CSID symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Updated Notification 7/9/15:
Immediate Action Required For All Sucraid®Refills And New Prescriptions After July 17, 2015.

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(Sacrosidase) Oral Solution is the first and only FDA-approved enzyme replacement therapy of the genetically determined sucrase deficiency which is part of congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID).



(Ethanolamine Oleate) Injection 5% is the only FDA-approved sclerotherapy for the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices.

Press Release (09/10/2013)

Mount Sinai Grants Exclusive License to Plexcera Therapeutics to Develop Treatments for Farber Disease and Cystic Fibrosis

September 10, 2013 - Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP), part of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has granted an exclusive license to Plexcera Therapeutics, LLC to commercially develop recombinant human acid ceramidase (rhAC) to treat diseases caused by genetic or disease-induced deficiencies in the enzyme rhAC.

Mount Sinai is promoting the scientific discoveries of its faculty by facilitating the establishment and supporting incubator companies to accelerate the discovery of treatments for devastating diseases, including those that often affect relatively small populations.

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