Comprehensive Compliance Program & California Law

QOL Medical, LLC is committed to compliance with applicable federal and state laws. QOL Medical has developed policies and procedures which are drafted to meet the requirements of the highly regulated and complex healthcare industry. These policies and procedures are a part of the Company’s Comprehensive Compliance Program (“CCP”) which is required by California law SB 1765 (California Business & Professions Code 119400, 119402). The Company has modified certain policies and procedures that regulate interactions with covered medical and healthcare professionals in the State of California.

California requires that we set an annual aggregate limit on certain promotional expenditures provided to healthcare professionals. The Company has set the annual aggregate dollar limit on gifts and promotional materials and activities provided to healthcare professionals at $3,000.00 per covered healthcare professional. Not included in this limit are drug samples given to healthcare professionals intended for free distribution to patients, financial support for continuing medical education forums, financial support for health educational scholarships, or payments made at fair market value for legitimate professional services provided by healthcare professionals. This limit, which is an annual aggregate limit, is based on an estimate of the maximum value of gifts and promotional materials that a recipient may receive in a year, may be revised by QOL Medical from time to time.

As of November 8, 2018, to the best of our knowledge, and based upon our good faith interpretation of the requirements of various statutory provisions of California law, Cal. Health & Safety Code §§ 119400 – 119402, we are in substantial compliance with the requirements of these provisions and with our CCP.

A copy of the CCP and our Annual Declaration of Compliance can be downloaded using the following links or can be obtained by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-469-3773 option 6.

Comprehensive Compliance Program California (CCP)
Annual Declaration of Compliance

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